Automating Threat Modelling

Talk at Lancashire Cyber Crime Conference, Blackburn, UK
Project: Evaluating Trustworthiness of Edge-Based Multi-Tenanted IoT Devices

The Lancashire Cyber Crime Conference was hosted by the Lancashire Constabulary and the Lancashire Cyber Foundry to assist businesses in staying safe. The Lancashire Cyber Foundry aims to support small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Lancashire area using digital technologies. This includes raising awareness and supporting SMEs with cyber security.

In the first half of this talk I introduce SMEs to academia and the ways in which SMEs can engage and collaborate with academic researchers. In the second half of this talk I introduce threat modelling, and briefly discuss some of my past work and how some future work is allowing for greater automation of threat modelling.

Matthew presenting the talk to over 30 representatives of Lancaster SMEs

This presentation makes reference to a paper which performed a threat modelling of a resource-constrained IoT system offloading tasks to resource-rich edge nodes. This was performed under the PETRAS TEAM project.