Lancaster Symposium on Systems Security 2022

Event at Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK

Lancaster Symposium on Systems Security

The Lancaster Symposium on Systems Security (LS3) is a PhD student-led event (supervised by myself) which aims to bring together researchers from within Lancaster University’s System Security Group to share and explore the latest research on the security and privacy of computer systems and networks. The theme for 2022 was “Novel Challenges in System Security”, focusing on new research within the area of system security.

For many students this was their first experience in presenting technical research to a group of their peers. The event provided valuable presentation experience, allowed for students and staff to give feedback on research, and facilitated new collaborations within the group.


The proceedings includes details on the talks given by PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who presented.

Programme Committee

The 2022 Organising and Programme Committee included:

LS3 2022 Programme Committee